About us


I have been involved with horses for many years – as an owner, breeder and manager of one of the best Polish riders. My passion is the comprehensive care of these wonderful, strong, yet gentle animals. The desire to give all the fines to horses inspired me to develop cosmetics for their care.

Privately, I am the wife of Jarosław Skrzyczynski, multiple Polish Champion in the discipline of show jumping, and mother of two fantastic boys – Patrick and Filip, also associated with equestrianism.


I have been passionate about horses almost since childhood and have been involved in the equestrian community all my life. My many years of working as a groom for many titled riders, allowed me to gain experience related to the daily complex care of horses. Horses are a huge part of my life and a true love.

Many years of practice and passion became the impetus for me to create a brand dedicated to these unique animals. Each BERKANA product encapsulates the knowledge of horses and is an expression of dedication to their welfare.

About the brand

BERKANA is a holistic approach to the horse. BERKANA products were developed based on our years of experience, observation of horses and analysis of grooming rituals. This is how unique cosmetics were created in terms of composition and safety of use, which respond to all needs of mount care.

We are open to your comments and needs regarding horse care and our products – we create BERKANA brand with you and your mounts in mind.

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